Simulive event with video clips in the slide area

HI, I did a webinar last week where we had voice recorded to slides and then videos in the middle of the presentation. We loaded as video clips. So it would go slides with voice recorded, video, slides with voice recorded, video, slides with voice recorded and then live q/a. The preview of the presentation was just fine but during the event, the video were muted for people. Mostly Ipads and mobile but I know some desktop people had it happen. I had it happen on an IPAD that I used to monitor the webinar for live side. I filed a support ticket and they are stating that this is known for Ipad and mobile. The video mutes automatically and they have to un-mute. Nothing is in documentation which support admitted.
Has anyone had this happen on their webinars that they record voice to slides and include videos with it muting?
I have another webinar that i’m working on this week and it will be the same format. I’m worried as this is a horrible experience. I had a lot of people in the webinar asking about sound which was a larger event. I don’t know how many of those were mobile, ipads, desktops. I just know that I had two people where it happened on their desktops too.

@yolanda.1 I have noticed this from Studio Elite you will need to turn the volume up in the media player to hear the video playing.

As for the audiance experience instead of having audio embedded into the slides have you considered exporting the slides as a MP4 (File > export > File Format > MP4), uploading as a video and play the slide as a video instead?

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So the video/audio wasn’t in the slides direct. it was in between the slides. The slide volume was fine but when it switched to the video that is where it was automatically muted. The format was MP4 for the videos.
Volume was muted. you could see it in the corner of the webinar when playing when it got to the video.

for the next webinar, I was considering piecing together the webinar but not sure of best steps. the new webinar I have is already recording their voice to the slides in the event webinar.

I have no experience with this. But maybe you can mention this to the audience before you switch to the video? That they need to keep an eye out on their volumn? I know this is not desirable but it is a work-a-round @yolanda.1

I ended up pushing a message out during the webinar to the Q/A widget which helped for the rest of the webinar when it happened on the 2nd video. I do feel I had a few people drop because of it happening.

I’m just surprised that this happens at all.

I’d like to know if someone has had the same experience though. Especially since it’s not documented that this is an issue.